Part 2 of Community Coin Voting

Rules for Voting:

  • 1. Select the Token that you want to vote for
  • 2. Click on Show Ether Address
  • 3. Send Bitindia Tokens to the ether address corresponding to your vote
  • 4. 0.05 BITINDIA counts for 1 vote

Voting continues until 14 March, 18:00 IST (Indian Standard Time)


  • 1. Any/All transaction/transactions is/are non refundable, do not send ETH or any other token to the below addresses
  • 2. Top 2 Tokens with maximum votes get free listing on Bitindia

BITINDIA available at

Thank you for your participation. Voting has ended. TRON and EOS will be listed on Bitindia at launch